Bird’s Eye of Turners Falls MA – 1877

Bird’s Eye Map of Turners Falls MA – 1877

Published by O.H. Bailey & Co., Boston MA

(Technical Details)

The original size is about 24 inches high by 30 inches wide. It was scanned in 12 parts at 2400 dpi and 16 bit grayscale samples. The assembled digital image measures 71894 x 58348 pixels. Little can be seen when this is viewed as a complete image on a small screen. Be sure to zoom in on features to reveal the amazing degree of detail hidden in this giant image!

This map was badly deteriorated with age. The paper fibers have darkened considerably and it was difficult to separate them from the printed ink. Many of the hair-like lines you can see are from the damaged paper fibers. Heavy paper, aged in this way, is extremely brittle and may easily crack apart when handled. The paper will also powder, making the printed ink loosen from the surface may wipe away if cleaning is attempted.