Digital Projects of 2014 Now Available for Viewing

We had the opportunity to add two important projects to our web exhibits this year. They are now available for viewing.

For years we followed rumors of an important local artist’s depiction of Cheapside river port, an important river transport center on the Deerfield River. We found it on a wall seven feet high and eighteen feet long!

View Stephen Maniatty’s “Cheapside River Port”

We were also loaned a treasure of information about the original Wiley & Russell Tap and Die maker in the form of a rare and fragile set of insurance maps. All of the buildings and their function are described. This contiguous set from 1889 to 1913 reveal the evolution of the company over this time. These are available now to view in detail.

View the Wiley & Russell Insurance Map Set.

These maps and available photographs allowed us to recreate a virtual reality model of the site as it would have appeared in 1897. More effort would make it a lot better , but it is fun and revealing to enjoy now!

View the Wiley & Russell animation model page