Valley Gives 2017


Celebrate the American Industrial Revolution, with our own local history. Today’s world was shaped by what happened here!

Thank you continuing supporters, and welcome new visitors! Special thanks to our 2017 matching grant sponsors, Elliott Smolensky DDS, Foster’s Supermarket and Finn Insurance Agency!

This event has been funded with a large amount of corporate money. We are entitled to some of it only if you also donate even a minimum amount. To learn more about how Valley Gives works, CLICK HERE.

This year’s Valley Gives “gift project” is our new digital video production of a forgotten and nearly lost wartime movie from a critical local industry. This 1943 film was shot entirely by the folks of the Millers Falls Tool Co. plant at “Erving Side”. It is hosted by local historians Ed Gregory and Richard Shortell. Together, they provide an excellent narrative of the technology and community surrounding this rare film. Special thanks goes out to Richard and his family for preserving this unique print for nearly 75 years!

Another emphasis over the past year has been on the people who worked in mills and factories in Franklin County. The museum administered a grant to fund Tom Goldscheider’s research on the Labor History in Greenfield with a focus on Organized Labor, which produced a published paper and a series of talks on the subject. We also sponsored a panel discussion “A History of Machine Tools, Unions and Wall Street”. Both are recorded and are available for viewing on our website.

A new and developing museum supported project is the “Vintage Blacksmith Shop”, which is now operating in our mill. Various local made machine tools are included, like this late 19th century belt driven Post Drill that was donated to the museum and is being prepared to go in to operation once again. Folks may visit the shop, which is exploring traditional knife and tool-making methods, as we attempt to recreate the era when the blacksmith was beginning to employ the “American Manufacturing System” and precision machine tools. Many such tools were pioneered here and are still in use, today.

So, please support our effort, with a donation for us at Valley Gives and your personal visit this Summer! Even small donations are extremely important. The only way we can get a chance for any part of the large, corporate donations is by having numerous small contributors, such as yourselves!

Thanks for the time to consider us, and we hope to see you later this year.


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