Greenfield Tap & Die: Leads and Angles

Greenfield Tap & Die - World War 2 newsletter

Greenfield Tap & Die – World War 2 newsletter

This is our repository for “Leads & Angles”, Greenfield Tap & Die Corporation’s World War 2 newsletter. It speaks of both the letters from our loved ones, overseas, but also of our duty at home to supply the material needed for victory. The newsletter is very gossipy but also speaks clearly of GTD’s special wartime challenge at the home front. Greenfield Tap & Die was the world leader of screw-thread cutting technology. They were critical to guarantee our war machines worked and could be maintained on the battlefield!

A complete, wartime set of “Leads & Angles” has been donated! We will continue adding new issues to this page until the project is complete.

Volume 1 Number 1 – May 1942

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Volume 1 Number 2 – June 1942