Aerial View of Turners Falls, MA – 1930s

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Notice the John Russell Cutlery in the lower right portion of the picture. To the left of the cutlery is the International Paper Company, which was formed in 1898 from the Montague Paper Company and includes the site of the original Turners Falls Pulp company. Notice the straight line extending out from the paper company and into the Connecticut River basin. This was actually a pipeline which ran up into Greenfield’s “Factory Hollow” district to deliver water from the Upper Fall River Dam. The paper company required very clean water for it’s production and this water was piped out of Factory Hollow and traveled under the Connecticut River for use at the factory.

Notice also the upper suspension or “Red Bridge” in the upper area of the river. The present day bridge, the Turners Falls-Gill bridge, was built in 1937-38. The paper company was razed in 1937 to make way for the initial construction of the Turners Falls-Gill bridge. Therefore, this photo would have been taken before 1937. You can read more about the Montague Paper Company here.