Stephen Maniatty: Cheapside River Port

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(This article first published in 2014) For several years, we have been hunting for a large mural by local artist, Stephen Maniatty (1910-1984). Cheapside port was located on the Deerfield River, in an open area just west of the Connecticut River. Connecticut River barge traffic was crucial transportation in a world without highways or railroads. This commerce was so important, that ownership of the Cheapside district was hotly disputed between Deerfield and Greenfield for nearly 60 years (it finally became part of Greenfield in 1896). We believe he painted this huge canvass in the mid 1950s.

Our re-discovery of Stephen Maniatty’s mural of Cheapside is of a scene after 1806. We found it as being 7×18 feet in size and in good condition! Our digital mosaic was created from 24 individual exposures, with a target resolution of 150 dots per inch. The resulting image is over 20,000 pixels wide.

a zoom in view, with the artist's name overlaid

Small area closeup

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Cheapside River Port after 1806

Cheapside River Port after 1806

5 thoughts on “Stephen Maniatty: Cheapside River Port

  1. A wonderful evocation of a Cheapside we never knew. Thanks for bringing it to the screen. Now, why can’t the actual painting be permanently on public view in some building in Greenfield?

  2. Wonderful! Handsome! I wonder where it was on display – in the Town Hall?
    The colors are stunning. I wonder if the Museum could gain reproduction rights and sell prints for framing.

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