The Army – Navy “E” Award – World War 2

A Rare Sound Recording

The Army Navy “E” Award Presentation
at Colrain’s Kendall / Griswoldville Mills
July 22, 1943 – For Excellence in War Time Manufacturing

This is one of the only surviving examples of an “E” Award Presentation. We were fortunate to be able to digitize and restore this delicate and damaged set of glass phonograph records.

Learn about this award’s place in history, from the voices of those who lived it!

Each of these following parts is a single recording from one side of a glass 78 RPM record. Each of these sides, played in order, narrates the complete event.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

We are very grateful to the Colrain Historical Society, Colrain, Massachusetts, for the donation of these unique phonograph records, which made this restoration possible.

At the time of this publication, we are not aware of any other sound recordings of an actual “E” Award presentation, which still exists.

A Pennant and Pin

Army - Navy "E" Award Pennant

Army – Navy “E” Award Pennant

The Army Navy “E” Award was an honor presented to top performers of the civilian war industry during World War 2. It was only given to about 4 percent of the homefront industry during the entire wartime years. Your company was presented this flag to fly and you were personally given this pin to wear.

This award was made during a time of national emergency. Money, time off, or most anything else you might desire as a prize, couldn’t be offered. Our survival was essential, so everything of value needed to go to the war effort.

We, as a modern audience, may learn everything important about this chapter of history, by listening to the speakers who are still able to explain it (thanks to this surviving recording).

Army Navy "E" Award Employee Pin

Army Navy “E” Award Employee Pin

These fragile records were digitized and restored just days before the 70th anniversary of the event, and are now available publicly, for the first time ever.

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