Renovations Under Way!

Renovations are underway at the museum to create both a new exhibit space and a comfortable place for community gatherings. We received a second round of grants from the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (the Franklin Fund and Credit Data Services, Inc. Fund) and 14 Local Cultural Councils, this year to fund a new exhibit highlighting Franklin County’s small towns.  We’re also expanding our open hours to Summer Saturdays and Sundays.

The new space offers a magnificent view of the Green River and the still intact 1914 Greenfield Electric Company Power Dam, and is the location of the Green River Mill archeological site. It will also provide a place for public gatherings for lectures and educational programs.

We need your help! We have received our initial award of $3,000, but the Community Foundation will award us an additional much needed $3000 if we raise matching funds. We need your help now to reach this goal by mid-June.  Please be as generous as you can and send your Summer Sundays—Plus! donation to the Museum of Our Industrial Heritage, 2 Mead Street, Greenfield 01301 or donate online here:

Thank You,

James Terapane

Museum Demo 2012 020

Dust cake pulled from bellow the floor boards.

Renovating a 200 year old industrial building  is more like “Indoor Archeology.” While Jim removes layers of floors (approximately 5”deep) and the original floor boards are revealed, Chris examines the cracks in the floor for possible 19th century treasures left by workers. So far we find only fine iron dust cake from grinding operations perhaps from the Nichols Bros. cutlery or the Wells Bros. Tool Co., both located here in this section of the complex.

Iron Dust Cake

Iron Dust Cake