Home Front Heroes WWII

The Role Of Greenfield's Industry and Citizens in WWII

Many Historians agree that WWII was ultimately won on the homefront. America and its allies had brilliant officers and dedicated fighting men, but so did the enemy.

America's ability to produce airplanes, ships, trucks, tanks, and other items that were needed to fight a global war enabled the allies to force the enemy into submission.

Greenfield's residents joined the nation's war effort--serving in the armed forces, maintaining morale at home, and working in defense industries.

Greenfield played a unique role, with a suprisingly large number of vital industries, employing an estimated 7000 workers. It was important enough to be protected by an anti-aircraft battery ready to shoot down German bombers. Many workers were deferred from the draft, their work at home considered that vital.

Because so many of our local industries were key industries for the military the museum collection highlights this subject with an exhibit explaining the specific contributions each company made. Artifacts and documents from this era are available for research.

Homefront Heroes video on YouTube

Three interviews made in 2000 with local folks who worked at the industrial home front during World War II.
This video was converted from VHS video tape.

This is a narration of:

1. Re-supplying the Allies with replacement parts

2. Manufacturing classified wartime technology

3. Women as mechanics and supervisors in wartime