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Grant Funded Scholar In Residence works produced in cooperation with the museum.

At Swords Point- Organized Labor History of Greenfield By Tom Goldscheider

The following link is a video presention Tom gave through the GCTV "Speakers Series" 2019

Video presentation by Tom

Historical Analysis of Greenfield Tap& Die - HJM by Rebecca Ducharme

To gain a better understanding of why Greenfield and the other regions along the Connecticut Valley Corridor were so dynamic and creative the following Smithsonian paper "Places of Invention" is recommended. This study examines certain especially industrious regions around the country and why they were so inventive.

Smithsonian Institution Lemelson Center Project

The museum archive contains a near complete collection of Millers Falls and GTD company newsletters going back to WWI era and through to 1968. These can be a source of illuminating local social / family stories, company history, and unique insights in to world events.

Millers Falls Agent Detained in Bolshevik Russia.

For a list of Articles and Books relating to our local and national Industrial history we recommend the following:

Suggested Reading List