J.B Bridges & Company - South Deerfield MA

(Adapted from “Picturesque Franklin” , Wade, Warner & Co. , Northampton MA 1891
This publication was a “snap shot” of Franklin County businesses and industries as of 1891. This original article will not include the history which occurred afterwards, unless noted by the museum editor.)

One of the thriving enterprises of the famous village of South Deerfield is the grist-mill and warehouses of J. B. Bridges & Co. The firm consists of J. B. & C. E. Bridges and does a retail business in grain, coal, fertilizers, lumber, etc., annually of about $75,000, extending over Whately, Deerfield and Sunderland, while its wholesale trade in farmers’ produce extends to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Portland and Worcester.

The buildings owned and occupied by the firm consist of a grist-mill, store-house and salesroom, a saw-mill with two store-houses and coal sheds, making a property valued at about $15,000. Steam power is used of about 85 h. p. and the buildings are located conveniently to the tracks for freighting. Large shipments of onions are made from this place, and it is, in short, headquarters for farm produce of all kinds, from all through the Connecticut valley. Originally, in 1877, the firm name was B. F. Bridges, Jr., & Bro. In 1882 C. E. Bridges was admitted to the new firm. Gen. B. F. Bridges, the founder of the firm and now one of the members, is known all over the state by his military title as Brig. General commanding the First Brigade of the Mass, militia.