Leavitt Machine Company

(Adapted from “Picturesque Franklin” , Wade, Warner & Co. , Northampton MA 1891
This publication was a “snap shot” of Franklin County businesses and industries as of 1891. This original article will not include the history which occurred afterwards, unless noted by the museum editor.)

Although one of the latest established of Orange industries, the Leavitt Machine Co. is not the least important, and it already ranks as one of the most important manufacturing concerns in eastern Franklin. It was originally started for a general machine making business, but it has had the good fortune to get control of several valuable specialties, particularly the Morse valve reseating machine, the sales of which have already amounted to over $12,000. The machine sells for from $50 to $70, according to the attachments ordered with it, and a picture of it is shown on this page. By the use of this machine allsteam valves and water faucets can be reseated in an absolutely true and perfect manner, making them as good as new and prolonging the life of the valve many times. Any size or make of steam valve, from one fourth to three inches, either flat or taper seat, can be made as good as new in ten minutes. Any one can do it, and the valves do not have to be removed from the pipes to make the repairs. This little machine has rightly been designated as a money saver, for it saves the loss of steam, which means money in labor and fuel, or the cost of new valves, to say nothing about the delay of disconnecting pipes and looking after help to do the work. The Leavitt company has also lately purchased the patent and will manufacture the Bryant automatic hinge, a valuable invention, and one which has had many sales, but has not been pushed for lack of capital.

Morse Valve Re-Seating Machine (Manuf’d by the Leavitt Machine Co.)

The officers and leading stockholders of the company are: President, J. B. Farley; treasurer, Fred A. Dexter; these with Thomas E. Leavitt, Warren M. King and Fred P. Carruth constitute the board of directors.