Miller & Crowningshield

This firm began in 1906 when Lewis C , Francis C. Crowningshield and his brother began making vises for drill presses and milling machines and some specialized fixtures for tap-making. Lewis was the principle machinist and Francis was the businessman. By 1916 the business was known as Miller & Crowningshield, and by that time they were making a small milling machine. Ernest Miller was a former partner in the Automatic Machine Company and reputed to be an eccentric but excellent machinist and tinkerer. Miller left the company just prior to WWII. In the 1950's they manufactured the M and M planer/molder. These machines were made to order - three at a time. Some time after that, the name changed to Crowningshield-Harris Co., Inc., which then changed in 1958 to Crowningshield, Inc. They closed several years after that. Francis's son - John worked there and left to become a lawyer.

(Sources: The Conservative Rebel; Some additional information about this company was supplied to the museum by a direct decendent of Lewis C. Crowningshield)