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MollyPosterThe Museum of Our Industrial Heritage hosted a Mud Season Day of Dance on Saturday March 22.


We had a great time at our Mud Day celebration. Two teams of Morris/ Molly Dancers showed up, one from Greenfield Tap and Die and the other from Princeton, NJ. Who would have ever thought that we would see such frolicking in our main exhibit space!

As usual, we also had plenty of guests come through the hands on workshop, to learn about historical machine tools.

Thanks to everyone for making this event so successful and so much fun.

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From early mills dotting the rural landscape in the 18th century, to the hydro power dams and factories of the 19th century, to the tap and die industry of the 20th century, Franklin County has  played a unique role in regional, national and world history.

Our collection of artifacts, archival material, and historic photos represents nearly all of Franklin County’s 26 towns and the neighboring town of Athol. The Museum of Our Industrial Heritage presents these tangible reminders of the past by focusing on the spirit of innovation that fueled each era—and explores how that same spirit might shape our future.


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