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Newly Discovered! Keith Paper – 1872

Enjoy this new Deep Zoom view of the third mill at Turners Falls.

Greenfield Tap & Die - World War 2 newsletter

Greenfield Tap & Die – World War 2 newsletter

LEADS & ANGLES – The World War 2 Newsletter of Greenfield Tap & Die

This wartime Greenfield Tap & Die newsletter tells the story of our effort at home as well as the doings of our loved ones overseas. Volume 1, No. 1 was published in May of 1942 – six months after the declaration of war.

Just Added! New Format – May 1943 Anniversary edition


F. E. Wells & Son photo tour – 1906


Reaming With Taper Hand Reamers

New Film! “Reaming With Taper Hand Reamers” a World War 2 era training film on specialized machinist techniques using hand reamers.



The John Keith Letter Archive

Feature Collection of New MOIH Database


Turners Falls MA – Bird’s Eye Map – 1877

A “Deep Zoom” view of the vintage map


Cutting Keyways

New Film! “Cutting Keyways” a World War 2 era training film on specialized machinist techniques using the horizontal mill.


John Russell Cutlery – 1870 Turners Falls

Enjoy this new Deep Zoom view of a past landmark we just created from a 148 year old photograph!


At Swords Point – an Organized Labor History of Greenfield

A surprising presentation of Union history in Greenfield, by Tom Goldscheider. Funded by Mass Humanities



Lost Millers Falls Tool Co. Tour

This 1943 film was shot entirely by the folks of the Millers Falls Tool Co. plant at “Erving Side”. It is hosted by local historians Ed Gregory and Richard Shortell. Together, they provide an excellent narrative of the technology and community surrounding this rare film.




Turners Falls from the air

Superview! Turners Falls MA, in the 1930s



The Steel Rule

Restored Movie: The Steel Rule

So, do you think you know how to use a ruler?



Wells Bros. Co. 100From early mills dotting the rural landscape in the 18th century, to the hydro power dams and factories of the 19th century, to the tap and die industry of the 20th century, Franklin County has played a unique role in regional, national and world history.

Our collection of artifacts, archival material, and historic photos represents nearly all of Franklin County’s 26 towns and the neighboring town of Athol. The Museum of Our Industrial Heritage presents these tangible reminders of the past by focusing on the spirit of innovation that fueled each era—and explores how that same spirit might shape our future.