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At Swords Point – an Organized Labor History of Greenfield

A surprising presentation of Union history in Greenfield, by Tom Goldscheider. Funded by Mass Humanities



Lost Millers Falls Tool Co. Tour

This 1943 film was shot entirely by the folks of the Millers Falls Tool Co. plant at “Erving Side”. It is hosted by local historians Ed Gregory and Richard Shortell. Together, they provide an excellent narrative of the technology and community surrounding this rare film.



The Geometric Tool Company

A film restoration about an important division of Greenfield Tap & Die




New Movie: Verniers

Explains and demonstrates how to make measurements accurate to less than one thousandth of an inch!


Turners Falls from the air

Superview! Turners Falls MA, in the 1930s



The Steel Rule

Restored Movie: The Steel Rule

So, do you think you know how to use a ruler?


Superview of Riverside, Gill MA - ca. 1895

1884 Walker Atlas of Greenfield MASuperviews?
Come and explore our new way of viewing gigantic images!


The Samson "Tire Upsetter" by Wells Brothers & Company

The Samson “Tire Upsetter” by Wells Brothers & Company

The Samson Tire Upsetter

After more than century of useful service, this rare tool returns to where it was made. (In our museum building!)


film preservation

Film Restoration Project

Movie Film Restorations

Movies on 16mm were once an important tool for information and education. Many thousands were made during the 20th century, but fewer survive as each year passes. Our own digital video film project is now available for viewing! Please enjoy these beautifully clear and restored examples of historic films. More than an hour of vintage programs are now available.


Army - Navy "E" Award

Army – Navy “E” Award

The Army – Navy “E” Award – World War 2

This award was given to only about 4% of total civilian industry, during the entire wartime period. This restored sound recording is one of the only surviving examples of the ceremony, and its purpose!

Jones & Thompson Patent Planar Jones & Thompson Patent Planar – 1856 Jones & Thompson Patent Planar - 1856 Jones & Thompson Patent Planar – 1856

1850s Ambrotype Images Trigger a Great Discovery!

These pictures, and a short story, begins our hunt for the history! Come share our excitement, with what we discovered.


Wiley & Russell Mfg. Co.Cash Ledger #7


Lost Wiley & Russell cash ledger – Now viewable online!

We have just recovered part of a lost archive from one of the original tap & die makers, the Wiley & Russell Mfg. Co. It is Cash Ledger #7, and contains entries dated from November 1889 to September 1891. We found it in Ohio! It is a unique treasure which documents the people and companies who conducted business with W&R. View it now and discover the famous clients and customers of this pioneer machine thread tool maker.


Homefront Heros - featuring Leon Weeks

Homefront Heros – featuring Leon Weeks

Restored Video: Homefront Heros!

Three interviews made with folks who worked the industrial home front during World War 2.
This is a narration, which includes:
1. Re-supplying the Allies with replacement parts
2. Manufacturing secret wartime technology
3. Women as mechanics and supervisors during the war
This video was restored from a earlier VHS tape and features our museum’s founder, Leon Weeks – Watch it now!


Wiley & Russell Tap & Die

A new computer model and animation

Wiley & Russell Tap & Die – 1897 – A Virtual Reality Project

A historically accurate  computer model and animation was made possible with the loan of a rare insurance map set. See the maps, enjoy the video, and learn how we present this new way to explore history!


Cheapside River Port after 1806

Cheapside River Port after 1806

Stephen Maniatty – “Cheapside River Port” a new discovery

2014 provided us the opportunity to digitally photograph this important 126 square foot painting. The Deerfield River, and Cheapside Port, were critical to local commerce before the time of the railroad. Local artist, Stephen Maniatty, created this scene in the mid 1950s, and is a wonderful mix of historic lore and artistic license. Come view this rare scene now, and learn how we were able to reproduce it.


Wells Bros. Co. 100From early mills dotting the rural landscape in the 18th century, to the hydro power dams and factories of the 19th century, to the tap and die industry of the 20th century, Franklin County has played a unique role in regional, national and world history.

Our collection of artifacts, archival material, and historic photos represents nearly all of Franklin County’s 26 towns and the neighboring town of Athol. The Museum of Our Industrial Heritage presents these tangible reminders of the past by focusing on the spirit of innovation that fueled each era—and explores how that same spirit might shape our future.